Mist - Photograph by Luis Paulo de Sá
Mist – Photograph by Luis Paulo de Sá

As you probably noticed, 2017 is here. Some might say that 2016 was an unusually weird year.

I cannot say mine was that weird, but, during the holidays, London was under mist for a good couple of days. I had time, a camera and a warm Christmas jumper (which, no, you do not get to see – think of it as Barthes’ mother’s picture in Camera Lucida.) so I went photographing.

The cold mist and the frost over the fields, plants and stones were a fitting description of how I feel about 2017. A year which I am yet to figure out what to expect from it. I explain – I am usually to write down I would like to focus or do in the coming year. It doesn’t work like a resolutions list, but it is very close to it. Perhaps, it is one, but I never bothered to call it so. I couldn’t write anything down for 2017 last December.

My expectations, desires, ideas – the whole lot unseen, unclear, undone. I find myself mystified. Maybe it is a good thing though. Perhaps many good things lie ahead, under the thick mist, awaiting to be found by me.

2017, here we go.




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