Mist - Photograph by Luis Paulo de Sá
Mist – Photograph by Luis Paulo de Sá

Q: What do you do when things do not go as planned?

A: Do they ever?

A lady noticed that the 0917 was actually on time today.

‘Bit of a shock’, she said.

I laughed and said ‘Let’s hope it doesn’t break down’. She said then ‘Do not tempt God’ and we laughed together.



Mist - Photograph by Luis Paulo de Sá
Mist - Photograph by Luis Paulo de Sá
Mist – Photograph by Luis Paulo de Sá

As you probably noticed, 2017 is here. Some might say that 2016 was an unusually weird year.

I cannot say mine was that weird, but, during the holidays, London was under mist for a good couple of days. I had time, a camera and a warm Christmas jumper (which, no, you do not get to see – think of it as Barthes’ mother’s picture in Camera Lucida.) so I went photographing.

The cold mist and the frost over the fields, plants and stones were a fitting description of how I feel about 2017. A year which I am yet to figure out what to expect from it. I explain – I am usually to write down I would like to focus or do in the coming year. It doesn’t work like a resolutions list, but it is very close to it. Perhaps, it is one, but I never bothered to call it so. I couldn’t write anything down for 2017 last December.

My expectations, desires, ideas – the whole lot unseen, unclear, undone. I find myself mystified. Maybe it is a good thing though. Perhaps many good things lie ahead, under the thick mist, awaiting to be found by me.

2017, here we go.




Ekla Cholo Re

Ekla Cholo Re - Photograph by Luis Paulo de Sá MMXVI
Photograph by Luis Paulo de Sá MMXVI

One of my favourite songs is called Ekla Cholo Re. It was written by Rabindranath Tagore. There is something about it that always moves me.

The idea of trusting yourself and fighting for your ideas. The idea of not giving up despite adversities. The idea that a single step is all it takes to start a journey, a movement, a new, and hopefully better, beginning.
Photograph by Luis Paulo de Sá MMXVI 


Took the camera for a walk earlier today. A misty morning. Not too cold, but my feet are now wet – I obviously forget that working shoes are not necessarily dew-proof.
A text which I haven’t read in a very long time came back to me. There’s a line in it which recommends us to stay in contact with Nature as much as possible.
Because Nature is about iterations, change, possibilities – just like trees under the tick morning mist, which, although you cannot fully see, they are, and you know it, right there.
Photograph by Luis Paulo de Sá MMXVI 
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Sorry - Photograph by Luis Paulo de Sá MMXVI
Sorry – a Kebab shop in Ladywell, London. Photograph by Luis Paulo de Sá MMXVI

I have mentioned here before – I love finding these random sights when I go walkabout.
Of course, they are random to me. Whoever creates these things I see (a street poster, a graffiti, a whole-wall drawing, a sentence) has a purpose, an idea and the will to see it through – someday, somewhere, somehow a decision was made to buy the spray can, to this shop door, shake the spray can and write this.
It might be that the decision was – what is the most random thing I could do with this wall to make people notice?
Praise to those to see things through and make me stop. And look. And, finally, praise to those who want me to see.
Photograph by Luis Paulo de Sá MMXVI 
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Early morning walk 

Early Morning Walk
Photograph by Luis Paulo de Sá MMXVI

Woke up at 0500 and went for a walk. Light outs pretty much everywhere. It is very quiet, apart from the eventual alarm and ambulance sirens. 

But best of all there’s birdsong.

And, because I can hear the birds singing, it is great to be awaken this early. 
Photograph by Luis Paulo de Sá MMXVI 

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The sea 

A picture I posted earlier today made me realised that I am yet to go through the photos I made in #Funchal.
I made this at the Mercado dos Lavradores (Farmer’s Market). Funchal brought some really fond memories of my hometown. It has the same style of streets, cafés, parks, the port and, of course, the sea, surrounding the city with a salty embrace.
I left a piece of me in Funchal.
Photograph by Luis Paulo de Sá MMXVI 
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Brazilian political crisis – how can I help?

Photograph by Luis Paulo de Sá MMXVI
Photograph by Luis Paulo de Sá MMXVI
Back home, in Brazil, things go from bad to worse – this is how it started and now we have this. I have no words to describe how sad and powerless I feel over here.

I keep asking myself what can I do from here? Ranting on Twitter doesn’t cut for me anymore.

No wrongdoing

It was clear from day one that removing Dilma Rousseff, an elected president who, so far, nobody was able to prove any sort of wrongdoing, was a bad idea. She was replaced for what we have of worse in our political world – people who conspired to oust her, who cannot be elected to office due to corruption charges; people backed up by media groups and an elite who can stand the idea of our working class, poor citizens or minorities having rights or, worse, exercising them. A bunch fuelled by anger, xenophobia, homophobia and misogyny against all who they recognise as the other.


So what can I do? How can I join the struggle of my people from afar? How can I join them in making our anger heard?

Most days I just feel lost. Today is just another one of them.


Photograph by Luis Paulo de Sá MMXVI
Photograph by Luis Paulo de Sá MMXVI

On trees in Winter

I saw this on the way to work earlier today. I had to stop for a minute for a thought came to my mind as I looked at those trees and the chimney in the early morning light – trees are controlled explosions of life.

Like fireworks, they start small and expand until they fade away. Vegetable supernovas of sorts. Combinations of colours, shapes and smells.

I think I miss Winter. I miss the early morning frost, the softness of the sunlight, the crispness of the wind against my face, my breath illuminated by the sun giving me an aura of mystery – I feel hot and ready.

I miss Winter, that’s for sure, but I also miss being able to see things as they are – ever changing e remarkably unique.