I am a photographer who creates and shoots photo essays within an urban environment. One of my main interests is capturing street scenes and social interactions on the streets using a documentary approach and this is the context in which I portray people.

My work moves away from a more traditional way of portraying people and social interactions – instead of using studios, I prefer to shoot on location, using elements which are familiar to the subject to tell their story.


My photographs are crafted especially for individuals who are looking for a contemporary feel to their images; people who are always on the move and have a strong connection and feel at ease at their urban surroundings. I can help them have a record of themselves and their surroundings and their time.

If you think that I am just the photographer you are looking for or simply would like to approach me for future collaborations, please use the form below. You may also use it just to say hello. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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