Enter the Dragon – A photobook by Luis Paulo de Sá

Home-made Dragon dance. Dragon puppet representing Dragon Dance in celebration to the Chinese New Year - the Year of the Monkey. Part of the photobook Enter The Dragon, by Luis Paulo de Sá.
©Luis Paulo de Sá

Chinatown is a favourite spot in London. I think I like the dizziness of not being able to understand the writing on the walls, menus and signs. The sights, the smells, the taste of Chinatown and its buns, bubble teas and dim sums.

Chinese New Year

It is only natural that I find myself attracted to the Chinese New Year celebrations. I am yet to capture the festivities as I feel them. My children are growing, so maybe next year I should be able to work a bit more freely (perhaps even give them one of my own cameras!).


This year I decided to play at home with a common character during the celebrations – the dragon. I know I am playing with fire, but I hope you like the photographs. A happy Year of the Monkey to you.


As usual, I made a photobook with some of the images. Some of the photographs in the book are displayed below.


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