Solidarity with Refugees rally

Last Saturday, I was very busy. Whilst during the Documentary Photography class I was mostly focussing on isolated individuals within an urban setting, I heard about the Solidarity with Refugees rally also happening in central London. I got the pictures I needed for the class and then headed to the rally.

I am very glad I did. It felt really good being there marching next to those people. It also felt good realising that we can do so – voice our opinion in the heart of the city, passing through major streets and points of interest. Better yet, we were able to have our say in front of Downing Street and Parliament Square. Meanwhile, back home I have news of people requesting the return of the Army to the power, which back in day meant censorship and people either ‘being disappeared’ or being tortured. Those who could went abroad, exiled – see Caetano Veloso, for instance, and the album he recorded in London in 1971. London, London is one of the songs…

It was very peaceful – I saw loads of families and babies.

It was great to see so many people marching together to show that they care, that they have an opinion and they want it to be heard.

All these things we take for granted.


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